Friday, August 28, 2009

Why I Don't Picket For Polygamy

There have been a lot of slippery slope argument used in the debate over gay marriage. One of the slopes - that gay marriage will lead to polygamy - has caught my attention. First off, fuck slippery slope arguments. Lets not debate other laws that might be passed if this one is, lets debate this law. What if the people 100 years ago who argued that allowing women to vote in elections would someday force allowing pets to vote had won?  Lets not discuss marrying donkeys or whales or more then one person, lets discuss gay marriage and that alone. Grow up and stop making ridiculous excuses.

All that being said, I don't see any reason why someone should be prevented from marrying another person they love. There are plenty of communal styles of living (kibbutz..tribe) that have proven wonderful environments to raise children,  sometimes even better then the so-called “nuclear family.” If you think that polygamy would promote some sort of confusion for children or jealousy between spouses then simply don’t get one. There is no reason to make it illegal. The law in this country is not based on your irrational fears. It is supposed to protect people from harm and especially from facists that want to impose their views on others.

Though I believe that we should have the right to participate in polygamous marriages, you will not find me out marching for my right to marry multiple partners. The reason is simple. Gay people and straight people fundamentally differ on the topic of the gender attraction. Straight-likes prefer the opposite sex while "homosexualists" like their own kind. You've heard it before - just like people are born with blonde hair or a big nose they are also born with sexuality. Any person that has gotten them self off will tell you that they cannot control what turns them on. Some people are attracted to curves and others to dick. Because of this fundamental difference, a marriage between a gay person and a heterosexual is a lie. They cannot participate in "opposite sex" sex the way a husband and wife should, yet they pretend to. A là lie. A marriage based on a lie is no marriage at, its even null in judeo-christian religions. Under today's laws, a gay person cannot participate in marriage.  If that is not inequality -- if that is not cause to bring out the old civil rights posters -- then I don't know what is. Prohibiting homosexual marriage is depriving an entire class of citizens of the rights and benefits that another class enjoys.

Polygamy and Monogamy, on the other hand, are both lifestyle choices (though the latter is imposed upon people in our modern culture without many of them even realizing it -- don't get me started). There is nothing in our DNA that tells us we should be lifelong partners with only one person or with multiple people. Some psychiatrists would disagree with that statement and might even point out that human sexuality is prone to wanting multiple sex partners. But I would never suggest outlawing monogamy because I believe people have the right to choose their own lifestyle.  Since "ogamy's" are choices that all people equally either have the legal right to make or not, there is no discrimination involved. Polygamy is outlawed for everyone alike instead of isolating a certain group. Is it infringement on our freedom? Absolutely. But it's not a matter of inequality and eliminating inequality is my priority.

One day, after gay marriage is legal, you will find me fighting fights like the polygamy style one. Until then, I wish all you polygamists well. You have my support, if not my picket sign (just yet).

The "Church" Maintains

Check out this article that acknowledges both sides of the gay marriage debate.

My thoughts to you, Michael, are that you seem like a relatively smart guy. I think your answer is right in your own words:

"However the Church maintains that male-female martial bonds invoke a unique relationship that simply cannot be met by a same-sex relationship."

The church MAINTAINS??? The church wouldn't have to "maintain" anything if it were actual fact. They "maintain" that stance because they know that they have no proof. And come on, not ALL heterosexual sex is about love and procreation..a lot of it is just about fucking. Believe me, I've been there.