Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Universal" Healthcare?

Don't want to pass a universal healthcare bill because then you might have to pay for someone else's abortion? How about this - I don't want to pay for ANY of your healthcare. Not your teeth cleanings or your back surgery or your cancer treatment or your flu shot. I don't want to pay for your contact lenses or stitches or your vasectomy. I'd rather let all you religious control freaks sit there in PAIN so that you can feel the harshness of your actions towards other people.

I'm better then that, though. I'm not going to try to pass a bill to deny you the healthcare that you want or need because that's not what a UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE BILL is all about. You can't pick and choose which treatments are provided with universal healthcare based on your individual and distorted sense of morality. The matter of fact is...ABORTION IS LEGAL. Deal with it.

Stop trying to prevent Universal Healthcare by claiming that you have the right to choose which healthcare treatments I can and cannot get. And please, once and for all STOP trying to deny people access and control over their own bodies - especially if that access is made easier by having more money (private insurance). If you can't see how that is fiscal discrimination in healthcare then you clearly have no business even having an opinion on this matter. Go back to your church and pray that one day you might not be so stupid and close-minded.

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