Thursday, November 19, 2009

**Spoiler Alert** This Week on TV

This Week on TV, "The Big Bang Theory" saw Leonard and company go on a camping trip and accidentaly eat pot brownies. For the rest of the episode, all jokes were some version of the following:

Leonard, Howard and Raj eat special cookies. 
Leonard, Howard and Raj immediately develop intense hunger, even before they finish said cookies.

or this:

Leonard, Howard and Raj forget about the astronomical event that they went camping to see because they are so set on eating the brisket Howard's mom sent with him.

Thank you, Mr. Lorre, we get it; weed sometimes makes you want to eat. It's not funny when you make the same joke over and over again. Actually, it wasn't funny the first time. And I was high when I watched it. Plus, if you'd ever smoked pot in your entire life you'd know that it could take up to two hours after you ingest marijuana for it to begin having an effect. Who did you think you were making laugh by writing an episode like this? The stoners? No way - its too inaccurate (unless they are egotystical stoners and like to laugh at dumb versions of themselves). The stuck up straight arrows? Probably. Crazy folk like that tend to laugh at other people's actions if they don't agree with them. It makes them feel better about themselves. And by crazy folk, I mean weak folk. And by weak folk, I mean you, Chuck Lorre.

This Week on TV, "GLEE" saw Mr. Schuester break the Glee Club into partnerships so they could perform duets. Rachel gets partnered with Schuester and develops a desperate crush for him. Schuester gets it into his head that because "these young girls are so fragile," singing to Rachel is the only way to let her down easy. Pillsbury tries to coach him on during his "your crush is ridiculous" performance to Rachel, but she ends up falling speechlessly in lust herself after hearing his sweet voice. Kirk gets paired with Finn and desperately tries to woo him over to the other team (if your slow, I mean the all-boys team. If your still slow, I give up). Quinn's mother discovers that Quinn is pregnant. The mother is so desperate to hide it from her controlling, asshole husband that she pretends not to notice the pregnancy.

Is it just me or is every single woman in this episode DESPERATE around the male characters? The show has been surprisingly good at being fair about these things so far and I get that it's a satire, but every female character in last night's episode was so desperate that they would have killed to get the affection of the men they were in lust with. And the men looked on at them with disgust (watch the scene where Rachel first sings a ballad with Schuester - the look on his face says it all). I'm not saying that the men in last night's episode of Glee were perfectly portrayed either -- the episode clearly has problems -- but did it have to focus SO much on desperate girls (and Kirk, who is constantly compared to teenage girls simply because of his sexuality)? Come on GLEE, I expected more from you. In the meantime, the jury is still out on this one..

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